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About Us.

The Tree of Life (TOL) is a sustainability project based in St. Catherines, St. Mary’s Bay, Newfoundland. It’s designed by and for its members to help connect people, and nature through the cooperative development and management of an off-the-grid retreat facility. Our Mission includes construction of a retreat space, alternative energy, organic gardening, and alternative currency with membership of like-minded people. Our Vision is to establish an off the grid, self-sustainable retreat facility. People are welcome to visit or participate as work-a-ways (bartering), part-time or even resident members. The longer-term vision includes hosting retreats in Nature, such as art, music and spiritual practices.

WHo Are We.

While the Tree of Life is uniquely built and sustained by its members-- a community of like-minded individuals-- its long-term management is carried out by co-founders Ian Goudie and Meranda Squires.